Not Paradise Lost, But Paradise Ungained


Musings on Science and Theology

Sistine Chapel - Forbidden FruitThe next three propositions in John Walton’s new book The Lost World of Adam and Eve look at non-order, order, disorder, and the fall in Genesis 3. There are several important points in this section addressing the questions: What is sin? What was lost in Genesis 3? What is the consequence of this loss? and How does it impact us even today?

What is sin? Walton looks at a number of different definitions for or biblical and cultural meanings of the word “sin” and settles on the disruption of a relationship with God as the sense of primary importance in this discussion of Adam, Eve, and the fall.

Relationship was God’s intention in the creation of human beings. It was lost in Genesis 3, and the rest of Scripture documents the stages of its being re-established. Another way to express this is in terms of the disequilibrium caused by sin.

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