Roundtable/Consultation on Religious Persecution in Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Ukrainian delegation

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

I am writing to request your urgent prayers for a strategic Roundtable/Consultation on Religious Persecution in Occupied Territories of Ukraine that Mission Eurasia is hosting today in Washington, D.C. in partnership with the International Religious Freedom Roundtable (USA). The goals of this special Roundtable/Consultation are to create awareness about the state of religious persecution in Ukraine—that now includes abduction, torture, and even murder—and to mobilize the US Congress and global Christian community to support and advocate on behalf of those in Ukraine who are suffering for their faith.  Special reports and presentations will be made by religious leaders from Kiev and eastern Ukraine as well as by other experts in the fields of religious freedom and human rights.   

Please pray that God would use this Roundtable/Consultation on Religious Persecution in Occupied Territories of Ukraine to provide support, both prayer and financial, as well as intervention for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are suffering and dying for their faith.  
Thank you for your faithful partnership that has made this important event possible.   
Gratefully in Him,
Sergey Rakhuba
MISSION EURASIA  (formerly Russian Ministries)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

6 thoughts on “Roundtable/Consultation on Religious Persecution in Occupied Territories of Ukraine”

  1. Indeed we are of radically different opinions on this. You are ready to accept the ugly reality of occupation of Ukraine by Putin’s Russia, not matter what.
    I will never buy that, my friend.


  2. Thanks for the link. As you know, we have different opinions on the subject. However, it looks to me that the Russian Baptists are in their mind simply patriots, even if you believe they are misguided. Unlike IRR, they are not a government supported organization. What is happening in Ukraine is in their backyard. They may have brothers and parents in Ukraine.

    I remember how before the invasion of Iraq, some American politicians suddenly were animated by a great love of Iraqi people. They even formed an organization of American-Iraqi friendship. The same now. For tens of years they did not care about Ukraine, now they are very “concerned.” Perfectly aligned with the State Department, CIA and various propaganda outlets.


  3. I suppose you are also right. 🙂
    However, I am not sure what are you referring to, so can you kindly give me some internet link for me to get informed?


  4. I suppose you are right.
    However, let me observe that you were not critical at all at the similar PR stunt that was done in the US by the Russian Orthodox Church, under the able leadership of Metropolitan Algeyev.
    How do you explain this? Or you think that what is right for Kiril is wrong for the Ukrainians?


  5. The International Religious Rountable is funded by the US Government. On its papers it states: IRF is fully integrated into U.S. foreign policy and national security.

    While the issues discussed may be legitimate, the purpose is ultimately to help in US subvert the countries and regimes that oppose its global hegemony. It did nothing to help the Syrian Christians killed by the anti Assad fighters which were supported and paid by the US government. We have two Orthodox bishops kidnapped by the the Syrian rebels. Where is the outrage? IRR has no Orthodox members. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst suppressor of human and religious rights. Any conferences about that?

    They are just a useful tool for US foreign policy. For me, they have ZERO credibility.


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