What the Church in China Needs

Map of China's Christians

China might have just exceeded this last month of 2014 the US economy. This fact is bound to also have an impact of the growing Christian community in this most populous country in the world. What does the Church in China need at this particular time in its history. Here are a few suggestions, from ChinaSource.

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Leaders that Last

China’s Christian leaders not only need Biblical and theological education and training in ministry skills; to be effective over the long term they also need ongoing mentoring, and they need to be mentoring others. Personal soul care is necessary so that they might remain strong and have the spiritual resources to minister to those whom they lead.

Faithful Stewards

A key question as China becomes more prosperous is whether China will also become more generous. During this past year we have been blessed to get to know committed believers who are active in China’s emerging philanthropy and charity sectors.

A Christian Worldview

Many Christian parents are seeking an alternative to China’s atheistic state education system, as they believe that giving their children a Christian worldview is critical to the future of China’s church. New models are emerging for Christian education, involving parents and church leaders in China as well as Christian schools outside. ChinaSource is helping to facilitate an ongoing dialog about how these entities can work together to write a new chapter in Christian education in China.

And here is the final part of the article:

2015 promises to be a pivotal year as we grasp more clearly the nature and implications of China’s new role in the world economy. China’s economic growth continues to bring fresh opportunities for the church, as well as new challenges.

As you celebrate our Lord’s coming this season, remember to pray for brothers and sisters in China as they too celebrate, that China might be a nation that prospers not only economically but spiritually as well.

(Source, HERE)




Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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