STEP Bible – a free Christmas gift

Step Bible

Here is some good news from Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK. is a good way to read the Bible and study it as deeply as you like. You can read English Bibles such as the ESV or NIV as well as Bibles in 280 other languages, and you can explore the original languages even if you don’t know Hebrew or Greek.

It’s a free gift to you and also one that you can help give to others.

Our new videos show its ease and potential and provide example Bible studies. The interface is intuitive, so you should only need to watch the Introduction once.

STEP Bible is especially designed for accessibility in poorer countries, while making reliable resources available for all.

The videos show you how to:

  • Find quickly what you are looking for: a word, a topic, or a series of passages.
  • Read and study the Bible in your own mother tongue, and even add a missing language.
  • Download STEP so it keeps working even without internet.
  • Install it from an SD card, which you can give away in any country, legally.

We’d love to use your expertise to develop this further. Grab the vision and perhaps contribute some time, or just refer it to a friend.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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