Christmas, A Time to Heal – Pope Francis to Vatican Employees

Pope Francis &  Vatican employees
Pope Francis with Vatican employees (Picture, Reuters)

After chastising the Curia in his Christmas message, Pope Francis also had an address to Vatican employees. The core of this message was about healing, which needs to be understood in the context of his previous message, addressed to the Cardinals that lead Vatican.

Here is the essence of the pope’s message to the employees.

* * *

“Care,” or “healing,” in fact, were the words Pope Francis chose as the main themes of his encounter with Vatican employees, reminding them of the need to:

Care for their spiritual life: the “backbone of all that we do and all that we are;”

Care for their family life – giving their children more than money: their time, attention and love;

Care for their relations with others – especially the weakest and those most in need;

Care in their language– purifying it from offensive words;

Heal the wounds of the heart through forgiveness;

Care for their work – carrying it out with enthusiasm, humility, competence, passion and gratitude to the Lord;

Heal from envy, hatred and negative feelings which “devour our interior peace” and transform us into destructive people;

Heal from rancor “which brings vindictiveness” and from laziness which brings “existential euthanasia;”  And here, the Pope urged employees to refrain from “pointing the finger” at others, from “continuously complaining” and from  malicious gossiping.  Rather, he said, “ask the Lord for the wisdom to bite your tongue in time” so as to not say something hurtful that will leave a bitter aftertaste;

Care for Holy Christmas – so that it never becomes a feast of commercial consumerism but a feast of joy in welcoming the Lord;

The spirit of true Christmas is emulating Christ – who came to serve, not to be served, the Pope added, reminding employees that they should not be afraid of humility and tenderness towards others. Peace, too, he said, needs enthusiasm and care.

* * *

Source, HERE.





Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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