What the Pope Did Not Say

This blog post expresses the views of those who expected that the pilgrimage of Pope Francis in the (not so) holy land would turn into an over political event, which Francis said he will not do.
Yes, many of us would have been glad if he said more, and if he mentioned the occupation. However, we have to admit that the little that he did do was able to obviously upset enough Israeli authorities.
More important than that, however, is what is coming next on this matter. And I think Pope Francis still has a few surprises for us in his sleeve. We shall see.


by James M. Wallpope-quds

It is what the Pope did not say that should disturb the world.

The Turkish World Bulletin’s New Desk  points to crucial words missing from his Holy Land Papal trip May 25-26:

“Although the Pope has prayed at the separation wall in Bethlehem and called for a Palestinian state during his visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Al-Quds (East Jerusalem), he has not commented on Israeli abuses or on the blockade on 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza.” 

Also missing was the essential point that the Pope’s visit was made in a political environment in which Israel and the U.S. have once again insisted on their “two sides” recurring diplomatic dodge.

President Obama repeated the dodge following the collapse of the latest round of “peace talks” between Israel and Palestine:

“What we haven’t seen is, frankly, the kind of political will to actually make tough decisions, and that’s been true on…

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Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

4 thoughts on “What the Pope Did Not Say”

  1. N-am urmarit vizita Papei in tara sfinta. Nu cred insa ca a pomenit de persecutarea crestinilor din Palestina si nici de disparitia lor (aproape) ca numar. Desigur, acest lucru nu e interesant si nici correct politic pt noua orientare evanghelica.


    1. Cred ca de data asta suntetie xtrem de nedrept, si asta nu este decent pentru un crestin.
      Fiecare dintyre noi am fi vrut sa auzim temele noastre preferate. De ce nu si un manifest sionist, de exemplu.
      Papa a vorbit in nenumarate rinduri despre persecutia crestinilor. Nu destul insa despre persecutia crestinilor de catre statul israelian. Aici aveti dreptate.


  2. Nu cred ca sunt nedrept. E vorba despre discursul sau in tara sfinta. E si el un om politic… dar daca e sa fim drepti ambele aspecte au lipsit…


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