Yad Vashem – The Pogrom in Iasi

Pictures from the horrible pogrom in Iasi, June 1941, in which 13,266 Jews were killed by the Romanian army, instigated by German military authorities. There were also civilians involved in these atrocities, especially members of the Iron Guard, but, thankfully, there were also Romanian civilians who defended the Jews, at least three of them being killed for cause of their actions.

“Those participating in the manhunt launched on the night of June 28/29 were, first and foremost, the Iasi police, backed by the Bessarabia police and gendarmerie units. Other participants were army soldiers, young people armed by SSI agents, and mobs who robbed and killed, knowing they would not have to account for their actions….In addition to informing on Jews, directing soldiers to Jewish homes and refuges, and even breaking into homes themselves, some Romanian residents of Iaşi also took part in the arrests and humiliation forced upon the convoys of Jews on their way to the Chestura. The perpetrators included neighbors of Jews, known and lesser-known supporters of antisemitic movements, students, poorly-paid, low-level officials, railway workers, craftsmen frustrated by Jewish competition, “white-collar” workers, retirees and military veterans.” ( “The Holocaust in Romania”. Bucharest, Romania: International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania. 11 November 2004. Retrieved 4 April 2013)


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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