Strajerul (Watchman) Church in Iasi, Romania – Request for Support

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Dear Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ,

We address you through this letter in a most important moment in the life of our community and we hope that the dialogue we engage in now would contribute to the development of our church’s ministry.

We are a Pentecostal church in IASI (a university city and therefore a transit place for many young people), recognised by the Romanian state, in accordance with the law.

Strajerul [meaning Watchman] Church is a local church which lives an actual communitarian way of life and which values each person as created in the very image of God; a community which uses spiritual values to actualise and transmit the Christian message in its universality and integrity; a local church which communicates with other churches and denominations in order to be in communion with the richness and diversity of the CHURCH.

As a local church, Strajerul community seeks to communicate the message of Scriptures to all social and age categories, however with a special concern for the younger generation, which appears to be in a serious value crisis.

The mission of Strajerul Church is that of the Church of Jesus Chris:  to bring salvation to people by making disciples. Locally, this mission is be emphasized through the promotion of Christian values in the Romanian society, at all levels, in the announcement and enlargement of God’s Kingdom within the city of IASI, in Romania, and in the world through the testimony of communitarian Christian life, capable of reflecting the reality of Christ’s Church, and through an open dialogue with other churches and denominations.

By the care and grace of God, the community has already a history of over 15 years, a period of time during which we think we did some progress in the understanding of our mission. In the first years, we have decided to focus our efforts on the spiritual formation of the believers and on building a relevant communitarian project. That is why, from the very beginning until now we have been meeting only in rented spaces.

In time, the need for our own space of worship, a concrete settlement in the geography of the city has grown. This is due to economic reasons (the continuous increase of rent), but also to missionary reasons (the local church addresses a community well defined geographically which requires a clear physical presence, including a stable worship place of its own, where people interested in the Gospel can be invited to come). The need for a place of our own is required also by the vision of the church for ministering to believers of well-defined age categories. Among the ministries we hold regularly in our community, besides the Sunday service, we mention:

  • Prayer
  • Student group
  • Women group
  • Catechesis (for baptism and marriage)
  • Evening events dedicated to the promotion of Christian values among the youth
  • Special meetings for the musical education of children
  • Study group of those who preach in the church.

According to the vision of the church, in order to better carry on our ministry and activities, we plan to build a little chapel, using light metallic structure, which results in a cheaper, more flexible construction.

We plan first to buy some land in the city of IASI, in a suitable aria, preferably where there is a smaller number of evangelical churches.

It is quite a while since we have been mobilizing our efforts in this sense and we have raised some money through the donations of our members, but the effort of building a chapel is way too heavy for the resources of a community of 60 members, many of them quite young, and 30 children. Through this letter we would like to ask you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to support this project through prayer and through the financial resources you can give for this purpose.

We thank you and wish you the blessing of Godin everything you do!

IASI, January 2014

Danut Jemna

Bank accounts:



Str. Sfantul Lazar 33. Bl. D 1-2

Cont RON: RO 09 WBAN 2511 0000 8850 0116
Cont EURO: RO 86 WBAN 2511 0220 8850 0116
Cont USD: RO 61 WBAN 2511 0010 8850 0116



Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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