Prayer for Ukraine

Ukraine is on the verge of civil war. Please remember her in your prayers. You may also use as your prayer the words on the song below.

This song, called ‘Prayer for Ukraine was written by Mykola Lysenko. Here are the lyrics (first in English, then in Ukrainian), written by Oleksandr Konysky (source, HERE):


Oh Lord, Almighty and Only
for us our Ukraine, please, keep
by freedom’s and the rays of light
you set her in light.

By light of science and knowledge
keep us, your children, enlightened.
the pure love to the land
you, oh Lord, please, instill.

We pray, oh Lord and the Only,
for us our Ukraine, please, keep.
all of your presents and generosity,
you turn to people of ours.

Give them the freedom, give them good fate,
give them good light, and the happiness,
give, oh Lord, people
many and many years.

* * *


Боже великий, єдиний,
Нам Україну храни,
Волі і світу промінням
Ти її осіни.

Світлом науки і знання
Нас, дітей, просвіти,
В чистій любові до краю,
Ти нас, Боже, зрости.

Молимось, Боже єдиний,
Нам Україну храни,
Всі свої ласки й щедроти
Ти на люд наш зверни.

Дай йому волю, дай йому долю,
Дай доброго світу, щастя,
Дай, Боже, народу
І многая, многая літа.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Prayer for Ukraine”

  1. I have asked a dear Ukrainian friend what should we pray for in what the situation in Ukraine is concerned. Here is what she responded:

    ‘I know I promised you to think about prayer points besides what I shared with you. It’s a bit difficult to do that because we all know what’s at the heart of this war. So I thought maybe we can ask people to pray for protection for people on both sides of barricades. For those who are fulfilling commands and for those who are fighting for the freedom. I think both these groups are vulnerable and need protection and justice. It’s so hard to know what to expect at this moment, it can always get worse without much visible progress. Ordinary families are affected, it’s mostly men who are being injured, or killed , or arrested, and their families , wives and children are left behind, helpless. Some people are offering free legal help to the protesters, which is great, but we also need people with respect for the law among those who will prosecute and make verdicts.
    Thank you for your concern for Ukraine! ‘


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