Benjamin Corey – A ‘Dear Evangelicalism’ Good Bye Letter

Dear Evangelicalism: I Don’t Think This Relationship Is Going To Work.

If evangelicalism were a person, here’s what I’d need to say:

So, Evangelicalism… it’s me.

I’m guessing this won’t come as a huge shock to you because our relationship has been strained for quite some time now, but I need to tell you:

This relationship isn’t working for me anymore.

I wish I could say that this is a “it’s not you, it’s me” type of situation, but let’s be real: this actually is about you. No, it’s not about what you believe– strangely enough, I think that you and I still probably hold 98% of our beliefs in common. The belief structure isn’t what’s not working for me– it’s your culture.

I just don’t think I feel comfortable associating with it anymore. The more time I spend with you trying to make this work, the more I find the life being drained from me. And, ironically, the harder I work to earn your approval and acceptance the further I feel from God.

It’s just not working– it hasn’t been working for a long time, and I just can’t go on like this.

I’m sure you probably saw this coming a long time ago. Yes, I remember the way you freaked out when I took that class on Emergent Christianity in seminary and worried that it would damage our relationship. I know I told you not to worry and that we’d always be together– but I was wrong on that count. I was just more comfortable with Emergent from the first time I met them and it didn’t take long for me to realize that our relationship would never be the same. To be honest, I didn’t have to try hard to be loved and accepted by Emergent, but I did and do with you. I know that I should have just ended things then, but I tried to hold on– you and I have a long history together, so I did my best to make it work.

I just don’t think this is going to. The longer I try to earn your acceptance the more I actually grow to resent you, and that isn’t a healthy situation for either of us– we should both just be free to go our own ways. I’ve tried for too long to hold onto old identities and split loyalties, and I just can’t anymore. If Emergent didn’t make me realize that, I certainly came to realize that when I met Neo-Anabaptism and Progressive Christianity. Unfortunately, the only hope you and I have at salvaging some sort of relationship with each other is to take some time apart. Maybe one day we can be friends, but right now I just need my space from you. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but I really do.

Read HERE the entire text.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “Benjamin Corey – A ‘Dear Evangelicalism’ Good Bye Letter”

  1. La multi ani!
    Un articol destul de bine scris si de prostesc, Prostesc in sensul ca repeta aceleasi clisee la adresa evanghelicastilor (cine vor acestia habar n-am). Dumenalui ii descrie pe acestia ca niste indivizi inumani cu un singur neuron. Si in acelasi timp se starduie sa asigure un loc la dreapta Tatalui pt ingerasii de la LBGT (Daca am scris correct). Aceasta e un paradox hilar pt ca pe de o parte ‘mnealui se straduie sa ii prezinte pe evanghelici drept obsedati de anti gayism iar el e obsedat de apararea lor, de parca ei ar fi definitoriu pt crestinism. Nu sunt analist dar am impresia ca aeste aricole sunt copiate unele dupa altele.
    Un evanghelicalist plictisit de lipsa de fantezie a autorului.
    PS- Cred ca viziunea pt 2014 a unei parti a crestinsismului (cea normala bine inteles) e botezarea crestina a gayismului.


    1. Fiecare cu obsesia lui. Eu, deocamdata, am scapat de ambele. Asta nu inseamna ca nu am si eu obsesiile mele, precum raul suprem al fundamentalismului.
      Va doresc un an bun, cu multa lumina de sus, ceea ce-mi doresc si mie, pacatosul.


  2. Va multumesc de urari.
    Mai intii ma indoiesc ca ati citit articolul. In al doilea as invita pe cei ce-l gasesc correct sa observe ca autorul nu doar critica atitudinea gresita -dupa el- fata de inversiunea sexuala ci apara LBGT. Stit dvs cine sunt astia si agenda au? V-ati facut timp sa vedeti ca ei isi propun promovarea modului acesta de viata in societate? De cind a deventi hedonismul o trasatura a caracteruli cristic/ o roada a Duhului Sfint? Luati drept exemplu doar pe trans-genderi inclusi in acronym si sustinuti indirect de autor. Nemultumiti de faptul ca Dumnezeu le-a gresit sexul ei si-l schimba. E dreptul lor! E chemarea noastra sa-i incurajam/elogiem pt aceasta razvratire fata de Creator? Cum ramine cu argumentul ca astea-s chestii inascute si nu dobindite? La un subiect ne intelegem: ucenicizarea.
    Domnul meu un om cu inima pt ucenicie nu scrie articole atit de isresponsabile decit daca a fost orbit de ura fata de nustiu cine.


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