July 1998 – Richard Wurmbrand Singing Ave Maria

Fr Damascene, Fr Gerasim, and Mother Nina visit Pastor Wurmbrand in the nursing home, in July 1998
Fr Damascene, Fr Gerasim, and Mother Nina visit Pastor Wurmbrand
in the nursing home, in July 1998 (source HERE)

I have found today on Federica Matthew-Green blog the following historical recording with Richard Wurmbrand singing the Hebrew version of Ave Maria that he composed.

You could listen to this recording at the link below.

Richard Wurmbrand – Ave Maria

In this recording, Federica, who is a very lucid person, and does not buy into the nationalistic passions that dominate so many Romanian Orthodox believers, tries to dispel the false rumour that Wurmbrand might have secretly been converted to Orthodoxy before his death. This is clearly very unlikely for all of us who knew him. This is just not imaginable with the kind of person Richard was.

Here is how this song was composed, according to Fr. George Calciu-Dumitreasa, who was in a communist prison with Rev. Richard Wurmbrand and remained his friend all his life (source, HERE):

I was in prison with different people: Orthodox, Catholic, Romanian, Hungarian, German, etc. And I noticed that the Hymn to the Mother of God existed in all the languages, except Hebrew. And I decided to compose this hymn in Hebrew, because Mary is a Jew and Hebrew was her language.

You ca find in the PDF document below the story of how this recording was made.

Hieromonk Damascene – Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Finishing the Race

* * *

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Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “July 1998 – Richard Wurmbrand Singing Ave Maria”

  1. Traducerea din română în engleză este destul de bună. Am ascultat zilele trecute predica lui Richard Wurmbrand şi remarc acurateţea.
    Cât despre mesaj…rar îţi este dat să auzi aşa ceva şi mai ales ca acele cuvinte să aibe o aşa putere încât să te facă să te întrebi dacă nu cumva acest Richard Wurmbrand nu era un înger. Dar nu era ci era doar un om şi culmea că în opinia mea nu temniţa a fost pentru Richard Wurmbrand testul suprem ci libertatea. Şi a ştiut ce să facă cu ea…dovadă ani post încarcerare când a ajuns chiar şi în faţa congresului american. Apoi cărţile dumnealui care s-au tradus în multe limbi…


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