WV Job Opening – Regional Faith and Development Integrated Programmes Leader (MEER)


Position Title: Regional Faith and Development Integrated Programmes Leader – Middle East & European Region (MEER) Application Deadline Date: 08 Dec 2013
Position Location: within Middle East & European Region Position Start Date 15 Jan 2014
Region: Middle East/Eastern Europe Position End Date: 14 Jan 2016
Requisition Category: International Recruitment Priority: Need Immediately
Country Name: Cyprus Program/Office Name: Middle East & European Region
City/Province: within Middle East & European Region Employee Type: Home Country Intl. (HCI)
Job Grade Level: 17/168 Recruitment Status: Advertising in Progress
Is this a family post? Non-family – Staff only
Requisition Num: 2013MEEYCHS-9DUATG

Job Description



The Regional Faith & Development Integrated Programmes Leader is part of MEER’s ministry team, Development Learning & Impact (DLI) team. It also is part of the Faith & Development (F&D) team through a matrixed reporting relationship to the Regional F&D Director. The purpose of the role is to serve as a business partner to National Offices (NOs) to help MEER overall evidence the role of faith and its contribution to enhanced programmatic practice and outcomes. The position also works with NOs to support scale-up of faith and development programming.


The role has four primary areas of focus:

  • Ensure development and implementation of the Faith & Development (F&D) regional programme in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, and in support of holistic, integrated programmes.
  • Support the region in development and refinement of practices that enable WV to integrate faith into programs.
  • Cultivate a self-sustaining MEER Community of Practice in Faith and Development, connected to the broader Christian Commitment community in World Vision, so teams have access to learning, innovation, knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • Communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

This position will lead these four functions with the aim to increase MEER’s impact on child and youth well-being by increasing reflection, evidence-based review, effectiveness, and scale within the technical area of faith and development.
Development and Refinement of Programmatic Practices:

  • Lead and promote the development of new programmatic practices that improve MEER’s ability and effectiveness to implement qualitative, holistic Christian commitment programming (e.g., spiritual nurture of children, and helping the church and other faith-based organizations increase their engagement as agents of child well-being).
  • Identify new ideas or approaches to integrate faith with technical practices tested and refined in the context of the learning hubs to foster integration of faith with other sectors.
  • Network internally and externally and conduct research to remain abreast of the latest sectorial and thematic trends and to transfer generated learning across NOs.
  • Conceptualise, explore, validate, and scale tools and approaches that foster the role of spiritual discernment in design, monitoring, and evaluation, and in discerning WV’s role in engagement with communities to promote development that is transformational.

    Regional F&D Programme Design and Management.
  • Provide technical support to national Faith & Development coordinators in development and implementation of F&D frameworks and project designs that contribute to NO strategies and align with overall donor expectations.
  • Prepare and submit programmatic reports to senior management and donors.
  • Manage regional F&D projects as appropriate.
  • Manage and oversee budgets.

    Cultivate a self-sustaining MEER Community of Practice in Faith and Development:
  • Develop a MEER F&D Community of Practice (CoP) or network of practitioners among NOs in order to provide learning and exchange of information that empowers NO Faith & Development Coordinators for integrated programming and NO contribution to CWB.
  • Support NO Faith & Development coordinators in developing assessment and monitoring indicators and tools that ensure F&D programmatic impact and also draw on lessons learned.

  • Communicate with Global Centre on issues related to integrated programming.
  • Communicate with Support Offices (SOs) on issues related to project management and integrated programming .
  • Expected to travel is 25-30% of the time.


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in related area or relevant years of experience in community development work preferably in fields such as development, sociology, theology, etc.
  • Team capacity building, mentoring, coaching and supervision skills.
  • Personal commitment to our Lord and Saviour Christ.
  • Creative and able to come up, embrace and coordinate innovative thinking, partnership building and problem solving skills.
  • Good analytical and writing skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity, abilities to work as a team.
  • Effective in written and oral communication; able to speak and write with a high standard of English.
  • Able to work multifunctional tasks under time pressure and changing organisation procedures.
  • Computer literacy; strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • At least three years of experience in technical fields related to Christian Commitment programming, with a good knowledge in administrative skills, project design and proposal writing.
  • Experience and ability to support NOs in evaluating and developing faith and development programming.
  • Ecumenical vision and proven ability to work respectfully with various Christians traditions.
  • A basic understanding of Islam from a Christian perspective and willingness to work in Islamic contexts.

  • Willingness to be flexible with hours when necessary and able to travel often in the field (30% of the time).


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

5 thoughts on “WV Job Opening – Regional Faith and Development Integrated Programmes Leader (MEER)”

    1. Philip, this is Kati’s reframed position. She was upgraded, receiving a position in the Global Centre. Please say a prayer. I hope to be able hire Natalia, from Russia, if you remember her.


    1. After I have taken charge, at 30% of my time, of CC in HEA, I had to transfer some of my responsibilities to Kati and she some of hers to Narcis, a former student of mine that was hired in my team because of his expertise in Islam. The result were totally redesigned JDs. I am now reporting to the regional leader, and the person replacing Kati will report to a context leader, having a dotted line to me. This was, we have put the more operational and programmatic responsibilities in this position and I kept the more strategic and mentoring responsibilities, which fits better with my gifts and calling.


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