Steve Holmes – The Twitter Bible

I have met Steve Holmes, a British Baptist theologian, when he was an assistant to the late Colin Gunton, at King’s College London, during my doctoral studies (I was not a student at that school, but Colin had kindly granted me the permission to participate in the research seminars he was  leading at King’s). Steve is presently teaching at the University of St Andrews.

He has shared with us today on Facebook his take at the challenge of summarising the core of the Bible message within the Twitter constrains (140 characters). Here it is:

God made. We fell. God called. God saved.
We failed. God came in Jesus. We rejected.
God triumphed. Church began. God will win.

Does any of you have other suggestions?

As for me, as a ‘man of many words’ :-(, I don’t twitter. 🙂


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “Steve Holmes – The Twitter Bible”

  1. Draguță ideea 🙂
    De fapt ar putea fi o idee de exercițiu spiritual adaptat cultural pentru pastori și condeieri: să facă o predică sau sa scrie un articol cu maxim 140 caractere…. Mai tot ce se produce azi e prolix. Marea trimitere a lui Isus din Mat. 28 încape în două tweet-uri, și ce impact a avut în lume!

    Doar o mică rectificare: Steve Holms e baptist, nu anglican. E școlit la Regent’s Park College in Oxford si la Spurgeon’s College – ambele colegii baptiste – și apoi, desigur, la King’s College London la doctorat. În prezent e chiar specializat în istoria baptiștilor, domeniu în care și-a anunțat disponibilitatea de a conduce doctorate.


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