A New Exhibition of Mariana Sain-Morar at Artbeat on Main Street in LA

exhibition Mariana Sain Morar - Artbeat on Main Street

Saturday September 21st, 5:00pm till 7:30 pm

Address of the gallery:

330 Main Street

Vista, California, 92084

* * *

The role of art in a totalitarian country, as Romania was in my youth, is different than it is in the free world.  Under a totalitarian regime the art is either forced to surpass its esthetical function, to engage in the fight against the Lie, exposing it, or to be a simple tool used by those regimes to distort the reality.  In those circumstances the truth could not be openly spoken, therefore it took unusual forms, which were hard to grasp at first glance.

The majority of my work done in Romania does not easily reveal itself to the hurried viewer. These paintings have hidden connotations, although always a message based on general human values, which could not be freely expressed in a totalitarian regime. Scenes of everyday life acquire expressionist and dramatic nuances, the chromatic palette usually being based on deep, grave tones, seldom touched by light tones, used not to solve the mystery but to accentuate it. Still there is hope; there is the power to trust in a better and just world.

The artist is a pilgrim on the road toward the divine. He is on a dynamic waiting pathway and each piece comes as a step forward in understanding reality and communicating it to the world. The steps are not symmetrical. They might have different forms and heights, the artist trying to avoid walking monotonously and repeating himself. In this process of becoming, the artist perhaps should follow Gabriel Marcel’s words: “For the Subject to speak, one must allow Him to converse”.

I want my art to be a witness and a challenge for the viewer who wants to know and understand a different culture, a dark, sad period in the history of a nation; a period that should not be repeated anywhere, ever.

* * *

Here are some thoughts of Mariana’s husband, Traian Morar:

Some excerpts from the book “For the beauty of the Church” by W. David O. Taylor:

1. “…we will be reminded that our goal as Christians is not to be polished and impressive, but to be true.”

2. “…Extravagant beauty, whether in creation or in artistic acts, is not the problem. Selfish excess is. So if it seems good to you and to the Holy Spirit (and to the city counsel), then build a cathedral and let it give glory to God. While you’re building your cathedral, commit to give generously to the poor and needy. Make your cathedral a welcoming place for all your neighbors. Make it a gift of great beauty to the city that God so loves.”

3. “…Let us risk boldly. Let us fail humbly. Let the Jets among us come fully alive. Let the Sharks become their truthful, God-ordained selves. And let us jointly make such works of artistic beauty – small and large, simple and complex – that the world around us will pause for one moment and say, “Truly there must be a God, and He must be here.””

I am the luckiest (read the most blessed) man on earth! I come home from work and I peek in my wife’s art studio. Another composition is silently taking shape. What fascinates me is the ability of the artist, (whether a sculptor, painter, musician, etc.) to take an idea, an abstraction and embed it in space. This could be the closest that we can come to creating “ex nihilo”. Truly the Presence…

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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