The abusive theology of “deserved” tragedy…

The abusive theology of “deserved” tragedy….

Piper speaks again, irresponsibly, as it has become his habit in the last years (iy is hard to believe this was a very decent man not very long ago; I guess it is because of him adhering to the neo-Reformed sectarian ideology) and Rachel Held Evans executes him, as he fully deserves. Well done, Rachel.

Yet, I am afraid, people like Piper never learn. For sure, NOT from a woman (what do they know, after all, things Piper and those like him).


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

4 thoughts on “The abusive theology of “deserved” tragedy…”

  1. Here is a quote:
    ‘…Piper and many in the fundamentalist neo-Reformed movement are working off of a perversion of the doctrine of total depravity that not only teaches that human beings are depraved—that is, that our humanity is marred by sin—but that this depravity renders the world’s men, women, and children into valueless objects of god’s wrath, worthy of nothing more than eternal torture, pain, violence, and abuse’.

    It that is Piper’s God, it is not mine.


  2. And another one:
    ‘Piper’s god is like an abusive father, filled with unpredictable rage. His family must walk on eggshells, afraid of suddenly enraging him. Should he be provoked, this god will lash out with deadly, earthquakes, tsunamis, violence and war. When his family cries out in anguish, he reminds them that they deserve no better. They are despicable, rotten to the core, so even in their pain they are doing “better than they deserve.” The fact that any have been spared merely proves his “love.”

    Again, NOT my God, at all. Thank you very much.


  3. Again:
    ‘As Zack Hoag recently noted:
    “But this is the way the false gospel works, and it’s an old, old story. This false gospel starts with a false god – a god who is anger. Yes, the god of this SGM movement was said to be just that – gracious – but the seedy backdrop behind this notion of grace is a god of sadistic and irrational rage. C.J.’s famous quip that we are all doing “better than we deserve” is grounded in the idea of a god of such cruelty that no matter what injustice we may have suffered in life – or perpetrated – all is better than what we really deserve, which is unending conscious torture at the hands of a concentration camp commander christ. So don’t complain!’


  4. And finally:
    ‘What’s worse than the world seeing Christians disagree with one another is the world seeing Christians remain silent when their own go on TV and tell the parents of children lost in a tornado that those children and their families got what they deserved. What’s worse than the world seeing Christians disagree with one another is the world seeing Christians remain silent and supportive when their own are accused of multiple counts of child abuse and appeal to the first amendment to try and avoid investigation. What’s worse than the world seeing Christians disagree with one another is the world seeing Christians perpetuate an abusive theology that teaches people that whatever abuse they are suffering, whatever pain they are enduring, whatever violence they have been subjected to, is deserved and perpetrated by god. ‘

    Amen! Thank you, Rachel.


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