Richard Foster – Where Will Renewal Come From?

Richard Foster

The quotes  below come from the Renovare Blog (check it out if you want to learn more about it). It is an article written by Richard Foster, on possible (and impossible) sources of spiritual renewal today.

Renovaré is a nonprofit Christian organization that resources, fuels, models, and advocates fullness of life with God, experienced through the life and spiritual practices of Jesus and the historical church.

Here is a summary of what he suggests in this text.

* * *

Foster says: ‘I would like to discuss with you:

  • two structures from which renewal is unlikely though not impossible,
  • two structures from which renewal is possible though not yet realized, and
  • ive structures from which renewal is now emerging.

My criterion for evaluating these structures is to always ask, “Are these places where it is possible for the very core of the human personality to be genuinely and increasingly transformed into the nature of Jesus Christ?” I’m looking for those structures where transformation into Christlikeness is no mere accident; rather it is placed intentionally at their very center.’


  • The first is the mega-churches.
  • The second group from which renewal is unlikely to emerge is the Denominational Centers.


  • The first of these is the local congregation.
  • The second structure which holds great promise, along with serious obstacles, is Christian colleges and seminaries.


  • The first of these is the small Retreat Centers that are popping up everywhere.
  • Similar to the retreat centers is face-to-face groups which provide a loving, nurturing accountability.
  • House Churches constitute another structure for renewal.
  • Most effective house church efforts are in two-thirds world countries which leads me to mention the renewal that is springing up from Two-thirds world Christians.
  • A fifth structure that has genuine potential is the many Infra-church efforts who periodically gather the people of God into city-wide and regional-wide worship and teaching settings.

* * *

If you are interested to find out why Foster believes this, read HERE the entire article.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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