Adrian Snell – Goodbye October (with lyrics)

Adrian Snell is one of the most fascinating Christian singers of the older generation in Britain.

Goodbye October, from the LP with the same name, issued in 1976, is one of my favourites.

I dedicate this song to my best friend, Daniel Longyne, who introduced me to the music of this fascinating artist.

* * *

Goodbye October

Goodbye October
Let me rest in winters arms
With my coat around my shoulder – keeps me warm
Well I’m thinking of the hours we spend
Just changing with the season
And the reason for the calm before the storm

Goodbye October
Have the leaves already fallen
I don/t mind the whistling wind around my door
Am I happy just to touch the snow
Or watch the meadows changing
Rearranging all the things we did before

Goodbye October
Did we see the colours change
Are we all too busy rushing through the year
Are we making time for Jesus
And the things He wants to teach us
Can He reach us, do we really want to hear

Hello forever
Let me rest in Jesus’ arms
With His love around me I can reach the skies
Well I wonder as the seasons turn
And autumn slowly breaking
Are we waking with His summer in our eyes
With His summer in our eyes

(Source, HERE. Thanks to my friend Chris Jones, who knows Snell personally, for this link.)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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