Anneke Kaai, a Dutch Christian Artist

Anneke Kaai

I have received these days, from my friend, and soon to be my former boss, Rienk van Velzen, as a good bye gift, an album with the paintings of Anneke Kaai, a Dutch Christian artist of whom, I have to admit, I have not heard until now. The book is called The Psalms: An Artist’s Impression. The book also came with a very warm letter, which, of course, is too personal to publish here.

Here is the presentation of the book on the Amazon site:

In every generation, the book of Psalms has inspired artists and musicians, and comforted and thrilled ordinary readers. These ancient poems seem to be timeless–with amazing insight and accuracy they express the wide range of human emotions often experienced in secret, of hurts and baffling doubts, of deep joys and soaring hope.This book combines the talents of two artists, from different continents and cultural contexts, who express their personal encounters with the words of the Psalms. Using vibrant acrylics on Plexiglas, the Dutch artist Anneke Kaai applies paintbrush and collage techniques to give “body” to her experience of the Psalms; the verses that inspired her paintings appear alongside, taken from The Message by Eugene Peterson. Peterson’s paraphrase, widely embraced by readers in his home country (United States) and around the world, is a moving manifestation of the cutting reality, emotional intensity and colloquial vibrancy of the ancient Hebrew poetry.

Anneke Kaai – I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Since, like me, some of you may have not heard of ANneke, I thought it might be useful for you to be introduced to her work.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Anneke Kaai, a Dutch Christian Artist”

  1. I was given three of her books about 15 years ago. I love this artists perspective. “I Believe,” “Psalms,” “Apocalypse.” I’ve been researcher her again lately because I’m beginning work on a new series called “The Hope of our Calling.”


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