On Applying for a PhD in NT/Christian Origins in the UK

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Larry Hurtado's Blog

It’s that time of year again, when those aiming for PhD work in the next academic year (2013) start thinking about places to explore, and start making preliminary inquiries.  We strongly encourage that here in New College (Edinburgh), and welcome opportunities to advise potential applicants, even if it means that we find ourselves writing a lot of the same sort of advice and information repeatedly.  Because the UK PhD structure is different from the North American model (and different also from models in other European countries), it’s important for applicants to understand things and to prepare themselves adequately.  I blogged about this last year, and I’ll simply point interested readers to that posting. 

The additional matter I’ll mention here has to do with what is expected of a PhD thesis and the demands of identifying a research-focus that will lead to a successful thesis in the field of NT/Christian…

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