Intelligent Design is Creationism 2.0

Intelligent Design is Creationism 2.0.

‘Why do so many Americans reject the modern theory of evolution? Why does creationism, thoroughly refuted by scientists, retain such popularity among the public? Is the perceived conflict between evolution and Christianity genuine, or is it merely an illusion peculiar to Protestant fundamentalism?

Seeking answers to these questions, mathematician Jason Rosenhouse became a regular attendee at creationist conferences and other gatherings. After ten years of attending events like the giant Creation Mega-Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia, and visiting sites like the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and after hundreds of surprisingly friendly conversations with creationists of varying stripes, he has emerged with a story to tell, a story that goes well beyond the usual stereotypes of Bible-thumping fanatics railing against coldly rational scientists. Through anecdotes, personal reflections, and scientific and philosophical discussion, Rosenhouse presents a more down-to-earth picture of modern creationism and the people who espouse it. He is neither polemical nor insulting, but he does not pull punches when he spots an error in the logical or scientific reasoning of creationists, especially when they wander into his own field, mathematics. Along the way, he also tells the story of his own nonbeliever’s attempt to understand a major aspect of American religion. Forced to wrestle with his views about God and evolution, Rosenhouse found himself drawn into a new world of ideas previously unknown to him, arriving at a sharper understanding of the reality of science-versus-religion disputes, and how these debates look to those beyond the ivory tower.

A personal memoir of one scientist’s attempt to come to grips with this controversy-by immersing himself in the culture of the anti-evolutionists-Among the Creationists is a fair, fresh, and insightful account of the modern American debate over Darwinism.’ (From Amazon)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

8 thoughts on “Intelligent Design is Creationism 2.0”

  1. “Why does creationism, thoroughly refuted by scientists, retain such popularity among the public?”

    How can you say that with a straight face when you know many scientists are Christians/creationists/believers in intelligent design?


    1. How can you ask such a non-sensical question when you how many Christian scientists believe that God may have used evolutionary process to bring creation into being?
      As for me, I prefer top listen to serious scientists, like Francis Collins, that to pay attention to pathetic bridge engineers, like Henry Morris.


      1. And you hold the absolute truth, don’t you? Maybe we should start worshiping you too, as the fourth person of the trinity? what else?
        These supposedly ‘misguided and deluded’ people manifest much more humility that your ignorant self.


      2. And you hold the absolute truth? Evolution is absolute truth? Anyone who believes in intelligent design is deluded because you say they are? Because you lie and say all scientists reject intelligent design? You are the one who needs a lesson in humility. I’m just using the same terms used by atheists to dismiss anything Christians say. If that bothers you, then you should evaluate how you treat others who are creationists.


      3. Dear Sir,
        Let us recapitulate a bit:
        1.I republish an article from another blog.
        2. You real it carelessly and respond to it as if I have written it.
        3. Your aggressive response, rooten on (un)holy anger, claims implicitly (but falsely) that all (or at least most) Christian scientists are (your version of) creationists.
        4. In spite of the fact that I sign my texts explicitly, you write anonymously, which is proof of cowardice.
        5. You call ‘misguided and deluded’ those Christians who believe that God may have used evolutionary mechanisms to bring the world into being, but you fail to disclose the credentials that entitle you to maker such outrageous statements about genuine scientists.
        6. My prompt and ironic response points out to the fact that only someone who pretends to hold to absolute truth can make such outrageous statements.
        7. I also point out that, in my opinion, your response is rooted in ignorant pride.
        8. You misread (again) my statement – careless reading and poor logic, as well as aggressiveness, have always been characteristics of fundamentalists – and suggest that I have claimed evolution is absolute truth (!!!). Even a 4th grad kid could see the fallacy of it.
        9. You claim I have said that ‘anyone who believes in intelligent design is deluded’, which is not true.
        9. You state openly that you are ‘just using the same terms used by atheists to dismiss anything Christians say’, which discloses your aggressive agenda and your ethically doubtful apologetic approach.
        10. You commit another logical fallacy, by claiming that because you were once an evolutionist you have now the right to deride those who believe in evolution.
        11. I was myself once a ‘creationist” in the ignorant manner promoted by Henry Morris, but I will never claim that gives me any superior moral ground to discard ‘creationists’. In fact, I discard the position falsely called ‘creationism’, not on the basis of science, as Morris illegitimately does (I am not a scientist, and I have no legitimate competence in that field), but on the basis of theology and hermeneutics, where I think I can legitimately make statements, even if not absolutely so.
        12. If ignore the fact that I live in a different time zone (and I have better things to do that to approve promptly the nasty uncivilised comments you are making) and accuse me of being a coward and (contrary to obvious facts) you also accuse me of censoring comments that don’t agree with my views, because, supposed;y, I believe I am God.

        This being the case:
        – I will not approve any other comments before you disclose your real identity – I hate cowardice, especially when cowards accuse other of cowardice in order to cover their own perversity.
        – I do not feel obliged to approve any other aggressive disrespectful statements from you, as these are not only discrediting yourself, but also discrediting the Christian community as a whole.

        Good bye!


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