Evan Thomas and Salim Munayer: ‘The Day I Choose’

Evan Thomas has served for the past 14 years as the pastor of the Messianic Congregation Beit Asaph in the coastal city of Netanya, Israel. He and his wife, Maala emigrated from New Zealand in 1983. Evan is a Messianic Jew with a vision of salvation for his people Israel, both in the Land and throughout the world. Apart from his pastoral work, Evan has been very involved in developing Jewish evangelism in Israel and abroad and in the development of reconciliation ministries.

As such he has served for 12 years as the chairman of the Israeli National Evangelism Committee (NEC), promoting high-profile outreach throughout the cities of Israeli and sending teams abroad on short-term projects in the Diaspora. For 10 years Evan has served as active board member of the Reconciliation Ministry, “Musalaha.” This ministry is proactive in bringing members of the Israeli Messianic community and the Palestinian Christian community together in various reconciliation initiatives including; desert encounters, educational conferences and seminars, through literature, social projects, and humanitarian aid. In addition, Evan serves as a Board member of Israel College of the Bible, promoting theological education throughout the Israeli Messianic congregations. (Source, HERE)

Dr. Salim Munayer is a member of faculty at Bethlehem Bible College. He is also the founder (1990) and director of Musalaha Reconciliation Ministries for Israel and Palestine. He is involved in leadership training for pastors in the Galilee and Jerusalem areas. He has edited several books, and written articles on the subjects of reconciliation, the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and Christian Palestinian identity. (Source, HERE)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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