Kosova – A Proposal on Transitional Justice

I have received recently the following important request:

Dear Mr. Manastireanu,

My name is Nora Ahmetaj and I run the Centre for Transitional Justice in Kosovo. Rexhep Lushta is good friend of mine and member of the regional coalition for setting up the Regional Truth Commission for investigating war crimes in the territories of the former Yugoslavia.

In May 2012 we would like to follow up with quarter meetings on transitional justice in Prishtina, at the same time the ICO is about to organize the national conference on dealing with the past (DWP)in Kosovo. Therefore we must find other sources to accomplish our goal of organizing the regional meeting for RECOM, and at the same time increase awareness about this subject to a wider audience.

Taking into consideration your experience, I was thinking to ask you if there are potential donors who sees transitional justices as part of their field of intervention.

If yes, please would you provide us the contacts?

It will be much appreciated,


* * *

See below the official request

* * *

To Whom It May Concern,

The Regional Coalition for  RECOM ( http://zarekom.org/2246.en.html) decided to organize, in a quarter basis, regional meeting in each country of the Former Yugoslavia in regard to RECOM.

In such meetings the most active members of Coalition will decide about further steps and how to persuade governments of the region to settle the first regional Commission for investigating war crimes in Former Yugoslavia? The approach so far has been bottom up.

In that regard, it was decided that the next meeting should take place in Kosovo, and CRDP as a local partner and member of the Regional Coalition for RECOM will be in charge of organizing.

CRDP succeeded to secure 1/3 of funds form SOROS/KFOS, yet, there are more funds to be found.

Should you consider this proposal worth reviewing, please let us know.


Nora Ahmetaj


* * *

Does anybody have any suggestion about institutions or foundations interested in funding this? It is very important.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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