Senzenina? – The Rallying Song of the Fight Against Apartheid

Today, in honour of the departed Nelson Mandela – may God rest him in peace, I will keep this on the front of my blog.

May God bless South Africa!

Senzeni Na? (Zulu/Xhosa)          What Have We Done? (English)

Senzenina                                   What have we done?
Sono sethu ubumnyama              Our sin is our blackness
Sono sethu yinyaniso                   Our sin is the truth
Sibulawayo                                  They are killing us
Mayibuye i Africa.                        Let Africa return.

(Source, On Being)

* * *

You may listen below to another version of this very powerful song, by Cantu Youth Choir.

Festival du Cap 2010
“Senzeni na” by Pro Cantu Youth Choir / Cape Town / soloist : Monde Mdingi
Lyrics: ” Senzenina /Sohlangana ezulwini”
Translation: “What have we done / we shall meet in heaven “

* * *

The way in which the power of music was used in the fight against apartheid is described vividly in the documentary film Amandla, whose trailer you may watch below.


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