Fr. Richard Rohr – On the Way We Handle the Bible – Between Conversion and Penance

Thomas Merton said it was actually dangerous to put the scriptures in the hands of people whose inner self is not yet sufficiently awakened to encounter the Spirit, because they will try to use God for their own egocentric purposes (This is why religion is so subject to corruption!). Now, if we are going to talk about Lent being a time of conversion and penance, let me apply that to the two major groups that have occupied Western Christianity—Catholics and Protestants. Neither one has really let the Word of God guide their lives.

Catholics need to be converted to giving the Scriptures some actual authority in their lives. Luther wasn’t wrong when he said that most Catholics did not read the Bible. Most Catholics are still not that interested in the Bible (historically they did not have the printing press, nor could most people read, so you can’t blame them entirely). I have been a priest for 42 years now, and I would sadly say that most Catholics would rather hear quotes from saints, Popes, and bishops, the current news, or funny stories, if they are to pay attention. If I quote strongly from the Sermon on the Mount, they are almost throwaway lines. I can see Catholics glaze over because they have never read the New Testament, much less studied it, or been guided by it. I am very sad to have to admit this. It is the Achilles heel of much of the Catholic world, priests included. (The only good thing about it is that they never fight you like Protestants do about Scripture. They are easily duped, and the hierarchy has been able to take advantage of this.)

If Catholics need to be converted, Protestants need to do penance. Their shout of “sola Scriptura” (only Scripture) has left them at the mercy of their own cultures, their own limited education, their own prejudices, and their own selective reading of some texts while avoiding others. It has become laughable, as slavery, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia have lasted authoritatively into our time—by people who claim to love Jesus! I think they need to do penance for what they have often done with the Bible! They largely interpreted the Bible in a very individualistic and otherworldly way. It was an evacuation plan for the next world—and just for their group. Most of Evangelical Protestantism has no cosmic message, no social message, and little sense of social justice or care for the outsider. Both Catholics and Protestants (Orthodox, too!) found a way to do our own thing while posturing friendship with Jesus.

From Richard, Rohr, A Teaching on Wondrous Encounters 

Prayer: My image of God creates me.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “Fr. Richard Rohr – On the Way We Handle the Bible – Between Conversion and Penance”

  1. @”and I would sadly say that most Catholics would rather hear quotes from saints, Popes, and bishops, the current news, or funny stories, if they are to pay attention.”
    Pledoaria fr. Richard Rohr pe linga catolici pt a citi Scriptura e laudabila. Poate da exemple pozitive de catolici americani in aceasta privinta.
    Atunci cind dwplinge insa pericolul Bibliei in miinile oamenilor el ramine la nivelul pre-VaticanII cind doar preotii, teologii, poate studentii la teologie (nu-s sigur) aveau acces la Scriptura, chiar “ne-sola”.. ca sa nu mai vorbim de limba in care “miini cu matanii ascund[eau] Vestea Buna” (Ioanide).
    Exista un risc in gestul lui Luther: erezii, secte…
    Dar mai mare risc este intr-un consiliu de cardinali care decreteaza: imunitaea papei, conceptia imaculata a Maicii Domnului, vicarius fili dei… sau la vreun papa ce se roaga pt mutarea lui Traian din iad (sau purgatoriu-scuzati incultura) in rai… Nefiind catolic chestiile astea nu ma deranjeaza. Ele imi vorbesc insa mult despre gradul inaltr de hermeneutica biblica a acestora. Catolicii ne pot da lectii de evanghelie sociala dar nu de hermeneutica biblica.
    PS- iar faptul ca preocuparea evanghelicilor pt mintuirea personala i se pare egoista lui R. Rohr (vezi postul anterior, parca) e o veche dogma catolica.
    Concluzia? Fr. Rohr poate fi un om ce iubese pe Dumnezeu, bun catolic, dar prea dogmatic. Cu tot efortul inclusivist, altfel laudabil.


    1. Desigur, dupa parerea noastra (umila?), noi suntem cei mai tari din parcarea hermeneutica. 🙂
      Si ce daca evidentele arata altceva? Cu atit mai rau pentru ele. 😦


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