Associated Baptist Press – Editor Warns of Encroaching Calvinism

Associated Baptist Press – Editor warns of encroaching Calvinism.

Gerald Harris expresses what we, here, in Eastern Europe, know too well through the missionary imperialism of SBC: they are on a mission to ‘Calvinise’ Baptists all over the world. Harris says:

“There is a growing perception that Southern Seminary has become a seedbed for a brand of Calvinism that is quite different from the Reformed theology of its founder, James Petigru Boyce, and also a training ground for Reformed church planters,” Harris said. “Therefore, it appears that some of our institutions and agencies are giving, at the least, tacit approval to Reformed theology or are, at the most, actively on a path to honor, if not implement Reformed theology and methodology in their institutions.”

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “Associated Baptist Press – Editor Warns of Encroaching Calvinism”

  1. Finally someone said it right; calvinism different from that of the reformer. I was surprised to read certains statemens claiming to be calvinists, in fact that it a term that should be defined, that had close to nothing to do with the theology of Jean Calvin. I also dare to say that some of the English translations might not convey correctly his thinking but for the most part the problem is that preachers or even professors who speak about Calvin or calvinism might nave never read him. They read about him but never read the Institutes which I find very sad. I think people should talk when they know what they are talking about.


  2. Aout tranlation, here is how the First book of the Institutes starts in French:”Toute le somme presque de notre sagesse, laquelle, à tout compter, mérite d’étre réputée vraie et entière sagesse est située en deux partie;c’est qu’en connaissant Dieu chacun de nous aussi se connaisse.” Well the English translation does not say quite the same thing. And Calvin’s way of thinking here proves to be quite modern. Maurice Clavel says a few hundred years latter the same thing, that man cannot come to the knowledge of who he is except by coming to the knowledge of God.


  3. Another citation if Mr. Manastireanu accepts it: “Nous avons dit que le but de notre régénération est qu’on aperçoive en notre vie une mélodie et accord entre la justice de Dieu et notre obéissance, et que, par ce moyen, nous ratifions l’adoption, par laquelle Dieu nous a accépté pour ses enfants.” First the beauty of the language “mélodie et accord” and then the fact that Calvin never preached or wrote about the assurance of salvation the way it is undrstood or presented by most people today.


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