An End to All Endings? Reflections on Rowan Williams’ Critical Theology « Per∙Crucem∙ad∙Lucem

An End to All Endings? Reflections on Rowan Williams’ Critical Theology « Per∙Crucem∙ad∙Lucem.

This is superbly nuanced evaluation of the theology of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Thanks to Scot McKnight for the link.

Here is the conclusion of the article:

…so much depends on how Williams is read. In OCT (pp. xii-xv), he speaks of three styles of theology. Accordingly, readers of Williams must be careful to always hear even his ‘critical’ theology as both ‘celebratory’ and ‘communicative’. Otherwise, we play back in monophonic mode what is necessarily heard stereophonically.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “An End to All Endings? Reflections on Rowan Williams’ Critical Theology « Per∙Crucem∙ad∙Lucem”

  1. I like a lot Rowan Williams as a theologian and even as an Anglican leader. It is quite unfortunate that he is Archbishop of Canterbury at a time when liberal American Episcopalians are playing their sectarian games (with the hardline Anglican fundamentalists doing the same in the opposite direction). In normal times he could have take the Anglican Communion to higher places. AS such, he is limited to doing merely damage control. What a pity!


  2. For those too busy to check the link:

    it speaks about:

    “fear of closure”, “indefinitely sustained puzzlement”, “theological de-construction”
    in the view of Robert Jenson in his review of Rowan Williams’ On Christian Theology


    the apparent effort of Rowan William to enforce the self-critique function of the theology as being good as a guard against “primitive and trite God-talk”, “infantile dependence on form and words and images”, “the danger of premature harmonies” (what a wonderful expression!),
    in the view of the author of the post in the link.

    A truly refreshing food, at least for the mind if not for the spirit


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