RELEVANT Magazine – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?

RELEVANT Magazine – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?.

Here is an interview with Rob Bell on the crux of the matter for his book Love Wins.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “RELEVANT Magazine – Is Rob Bell a Universalist?”

  1. Iata o perspectiva interesanta despre Bell si “universalismul” sau. E scrisa de un pastor din acelasi oras, care se descrie pe sine mai liberal decit biserica lui Bell si mai orientat spre aspecte sociale.
    Nu-i dau numele pt ca nu i-am cerut permisiunea.
    “I don’t know Rob personally. The church he pastored (he recently resigned to go to LA to work on media stuff) is indeed a mega church, it was a church plant beginning with about 3,000 people from Calvary Church.
    He appears to be much less conservative that many mega-church pastors. He has made a name for himself by introducing into that religious perspective ideas that Main Stream churches have had for a very long time such as Universalism and doubts about a literal hell.
    He is known to be a good presenter (I have heard him only once and was not overly impressed). He has done several videos on religious subjects. They get very good reviews, again, I think because they are different. To me, they were very predictable and simple. But, then, he is working largely, though not entirely, with a congregation of people without very much adult religious background.
    The attraction for many is that it is dealing with spiritual and religious subjects, but doesn’t feel like their idea of formal, ridged church, and there is a lot of music and it is very accessible.”


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