11 December – Day of Prayer for Egypt and the Middle East

Dear Friends,

Please join me in praying for Egypt and the Middle East this weekend.

All of us have watched with interest the political and social changes in the Middle East since January and have been praying for the region.

The American Baptist Churches USA have called for a special day of prayer for Egypt and the Middle East on 11th December. They are encouraging Christians around the world to join them in this day of prayer.

While not directly involved in this effort, Lausanne Board Vice-Chair Ramez Atallah and International Deputy Director Andrea Zaki both affirm this day of prayer and the need for increased prayer for the region.

Roy Medley, General Secretary of the American Baptist Churches USA, explains the call to prayer:

“I invite you on Sunday, 11th December, to especially remember Egypt and the Middle East in your prayers. As events related to the Arab Spring continue to unfold across the Middle East, especially now in Egypt and Syria, the consequences impact not only the Middle East but the world. We remember as well the faithful minority Arab Christian community who live everyday only by the power of the cross.

Since Biblical times Egypt has been a pivotal influence in the region. It is the largest and most populous country in the Arab world and in many ways is its cultural, religious and political epicenter. Read specific prayer requests here.

I will be participating in this special day of prayer in support of our brothers and sisters in the region and I encourage you to join me.


Doug Birdsall
Executive Chairman, The Lausanne Movement


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “11 December – Day of Prayer for Egypt and the Middle East”

  1. Summary of Prayer Requests From Egypt, for Egypt

    • Pray for the follow-up on the elections—that it will continue to go peacefully and people would have real freedom and not be pressured

    • Pray for wisdom and grace for the Military Council and the rescue government to be appointed

    • Pray for the deteriorating financial situation of Egypt

    • Pray for our churches and institutions in order to demonstrate the love of Christ by serving our country

    • Pray for strength and protection for all the volunteers, helping in the church medical clinic and those who are going to and from the front lines of the conflict to bring gas masks and other supplies to the protestors.

    • Pray for Divine protection and healing for those who have been injured and/or inhaled (came in contact with) dangerous gases

    • We need the Church worldwide to follow what is going on with us and support us in prayer

    • Pray that violence would stop completely

    • Pray for God to intervene in this conflict and accomplish His will and purposes in our country


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