Blasphemy for 8th graders in Pakistan

The Islamist paranoia is reaching gigantic proportions already. Here is another horror story for the blog of Anthony Permal, from The Express Tribune.

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An 8th grader was accused for blasphemy for misspelling the word ‘naat’.

If we were wondering whether Pakistan could sink any lower as a nation where morals are concerned, I must say we definitely exceeded our expectations this past week. 

All issues related to the blasphemy law and its effect on the fabric of the current mindset in Pakistan can probably take a backseat to the idiocy that raised its head this week. In a spate of vivid defence of religion against the evil world, a teacher accused a 13-year-old Christian girl of blasphemy, alleging that a misspelt word had turned from praise to curse.

Of course, the initial reaction from all corners within and outside the country was predictable:

a)      The shocked liberals and mild-conservatives alike raised their hackles

b)      The ultra-conservatives were convinced of malicious intent

c)       Social networks were abuzz with condemnations of the teacher, the preachers, the girl and of course the inevitable RAW/CIA/Mossad connection

After all, the entire Western world has engineered the workings of the pen and wrist of a 13-year-old in a Muslim country.

Since enough and more comments and blog-posts have covered the above travesty of intelligence, I want to dwell on an aspect of the story which has given many of us cause for pause:

If there is no compulsion in Islam, why was this non-Muslims girl writing a naat for the Urdu language subject in an examination?

Read HERE the rest of this article.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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