An Urgent Prayer Request for Rev. Bob Roberts and Northwood Church in Keller, Texas – UPDATE

Rev. Bob Roberts is Senior Pastor of Northwood Church in Keller, Texas (see HERE). He sent today, through the network of Evangelicals for Middle east Understanding (EMEU) the following prayer request:

keep me in mind today and pray for me and NorthWood Church. Too long to write all that’s happened but 10 churches and about 20 mosques are all coming together at our church today at 5pm. We were just doing the pledge of allegiance, hearing stories of how our congregations are working together in community projects, etc. – It will be the largest gathering of evangelical Christians and Muslim lay people ever – don’t know if that’s true – definitely is in Texas and the South. There have been many eblasts from Tea Party people and Republicans trashing it. The public wasn’t invited – it was just the churches and mosques so not sure how all of it got out. They are saying I’m a promoter of “Chrislam” and opening the door to radical Islam. It’s been in the past 2 days on talk show s in the area and is getting lots of press – but not the kind that you want. It has opened doors for me to speak on the largest “Islam” radio station in the south. Last year we lost families in our church because of our projects – we are getting a lot of positive responses from others – but still a lot of negative. My heart breaks over the tribalism we’ve come to in the church. My wife is in the West Bank this week doing health and hygiene training with Muslim women in refugee areas – with the vote coming at the UN – it’s a little tense there – Candidly – I have a whole lot on my mind this morning beyond preaching twice to a couple of thousand people – pray I can focus when I preach and pray I can be wise in what I say – that God will “minimize” the Texan in me and Maximize the Spirit – bob roberts

Find out more about this daring event on Rev. Roberts blog.

* * *


Dear Friends and Family, If something in your heart is telling you to leave the hate behind, please take 6 minutes to watch this wonderful video from an evangelical Christian church near Dallas. This church had invited their Muslim neighbors to this dialogue and was expecting 700 people – 2400 people showed up!

A sad fact is that many of their neighbor churches are being hateful and critical of this service. But weren’t we told that it would be so? (the first video is the 6 minutes, the second is the entire service if you want to watch it).


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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