Kenneth E Bailey – Realities Affecting Arabic Speaking Christians

Kenneth E Bailey

Three Important Realities Affecting Arabic Speaking Christians

1. Today 60% of the Christians in the world are now found in Africa, Asia and South America. And among those 1.3 billion, mostly new, Christians there are at least 2 million pastors with less than six weeks of theological education.  Who is going to write the books that will meet the needs of this enormous new influx into the Christian faith?  Who will help them struggle with their theology and assist in giving direction for the Biblical commentaries that will speak to their needs?

2.   No one needs to tell the Americans about the rising challenge of Islam on a worldwide scene. Ready or not, that challenge is thrust upon us. How can the Christian Church everywhere quickly learn to speak a meaningful word to the Islamic mind about the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the authenticity of the Gospels, the historicity of the Cross, and the meaning of the Incarnation and the Atonement?  We in the West are geared to speak to a post-enlightenment world, not an Islamic

3.   The inroads of that post-modern enlightenment worldview and the dramatic losses over the last 60 years to the Western Christian churches are staggering. Andrew Walls notes that only the seventh century, with the rise of Islam, and the resulting losses to Eastern Christendom, can begin to compare with what has happened in the post-Christian West over the last century. Who will now “come over to Macedononia” and help us?

(Source, HERE.)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “Kenneth E Bailey – Realities Affecting Arabic Speaking Christians”

  1. 1. There has to be someone who actually CARES about their needs


    2. that someone will be willing to speak their language and learn their culture


    3. The Behind-The-Politics Western Christians will re-learn FROM them how to act as stand-upright Christians

    one quite idealistic solution in my opinion


    1. Idealistic, indeed, especially knowing (as I do, traveling quite often in those lands) the many internal problems that Arab Christians have with each other.


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