Jarrod McKenna – What Do You Stand For?

I thank Scot McKnight for this link. I was glad to see that Scot knows Jarrod too.

* * *

Jarrod McKenna , who lives in Perth, is a young Australian Christian activist. I have met him early this year in the office of World Vision Australia, in Melbourne. He is an amazingly creative and passionate activist, as you could see in this clip.

Jarrod describes himself as a ‘recovering consumer, peace preaching eco-evangelist, larrikin seditionist & one day want-a-be permaculturalist… seeking to live God’s love.’

He is part of EPYC (Empowering Peacemakers in Your Community),  he lives in the Peace Tree Community, that is described by some as ‘Australian New Monastic Community’ and is also involved with Together for Humanity, a multi-faith program challenging religious & racial prejudice through active service.

Jarrod’s blog could be read HERE.

Here are a few meaningful endorsements to his ministry:

“Around the world there is an emerging generation of young leaders who are rediscovering the radical implications of Jesus’ message and are letting their lives speak of the alternatives to the cycles of violence, poverty and environmental destruction. Jarrod McKenna is one such leader Australia has to offer, and his EPYC program promises to empower many more.” – Rev. Tim Costello (CEO of World Vision Australia)

“When I think of Christian peace-making in Australia, especially among the next generation, I think of the tireless and creative efforts of Jarrod McKenna. He combines passion, theological alertness, and the self-denying pattern Jesus calls to as his disciples.” – Scot McKnight (Biblical Scholar, Professor and Author of “The Jesus Creed”)

“Amazing that we should need to tell Christians that Jesus taught and surely lived a non violent life! And almost as amazing —and wonderful— that a young Christian like Jarrod McKenna should be able to teach it so well in our time and culture!” – Richard Rohr, OFM (Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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