Richard Rohr on Christian ‘thought police’

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Jesus liberated us from religion. Jesus taught simple religious practices over major theorizing. There is no indication He wanted any of His followers to be what I call “thought police”—thought police for others. That has been Rome’s preoccupation for the greater part of 1,000 years. Show me the passage where Jesus gave Rome the authority to police the whole world! This is the way that Western civilization went; we mirrored the secular culture in many ways. The only thoughts Jesus told us to police were our own: our own negative thoughts, our own violent thoughts, our own hateful thoughts—not other people’s thoughts.

Saying a person is a heretic because they don’t believe this, or that they’re going to hell because they don’t believe that, or that God doesn’t love them because they don’t have this mental abstraction that we have decided would save us—where did Jesus say any of this? Where did Jesus say there was a set of mental abstractions we had to believe that would make God love us or that would ensure that we would go to heaven?

Adapted from Jesus as Liberator/Paul as Liberator (CD, DVD, MP3

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

One thought on “Richard Rohr on Christian ‘thought police’”

  1. What I ALWAYS ask evangelics(and this question was part of the process of leaving evangelism for orthodoxy): Where did Jesus ever used the word UNSAVED as much as I’ve heard it in the evangelical churches here in Iasi, Romania ?

    There in the Bible can we find such a word from Jesus ?

    Please note: I do not believe that all people are going to heaven, nor DO I believe that the Church should accept ANYONE, regardless of what it does believe. But I can’t find any reference where Jesus agrees with such a attitude.


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