NT Wright on Women in Ministry

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “NT Wright on Women in Ministry”

  1. Thanks for a great outline of bullet-points of consideration. I do have to acknowledge that my thoughts are very rudimentary and have not spent too much time in this area (women ordination) and have not been exposed to a wide arena of research and viewpoints.

    Have not heard the joke, but it is a fitting one … Junia/Junus topic 🙂

    Former Cardinal Karol Wojtyła … all he had to do … is look into the vast Vatcan library collection of pre-1200 … and see that celebacy was not a requirement (part of the Rule of Faith) for the ancient and medieval Church.


  2. Gabriel, I believed for a long time what you seem to believe on women ordination, with the lack of historical precedent argument having the greatest weight.
    I changed in the mean time> I believe a number of arguments need to be taken in consideration:
    1. the undeniable misogyny of the ancient world, including the the Jewish and and Greek one;
    2. the presence of precedents on non-Roman Christianity (particularly Celtic);
    3. the pernicious role of neoPlatonism on this matter, both in the East and West,
    and, most importantly,
    4. the vicious misogyny of Augustine, connected with his enormous prestige and influence on catholicism and Protestantism alike.
    More can be said, but that is more than enough, I think.
    And, let me add one more thing. I am not proselytizing on this matter. We all have a conscience and the Holy Spirit to teach us..

    By the way, I imagine you know the joke about the late John Paul II asking permission from St. Peter to research the archives of heaven. After weeks of research, the former pope came out and he shouted: It was CELEBRATE, not ‘celebate’. 🙂
    We will all have our surprises there, including myself.


  3. I hope I don’t get the label “misogynist” thrown at me … but to each his own.

    “Hey, Hey, Junia”

    a short “other side” (of NT Wright) take on Romans 16:7 … good counter-argument points, imho.

    And BTW, after 1900 years of women participating in the Church life vigurously, but only males serving in the office of Holy Ministry … why should the Church change things, as historically and theologicall were understood and practiced for 1900+ years ?!?


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