Richard Rohr on Diversionary Tactics in the Contemporary Church

If you do not know who Richard Rohr is, you may find HERE a few details about him and his Center for Action and Contemplation.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

3 thoughts on “Richard Rohr on Diversionary Tactics in the Contemporary Church”

  1. funny thing/coincidence… I only heard of Richard Rohr two days ago when listening to “July 08, 2011 Richard Rohr Discusses the Cosmic Christ” radio show on Fighting for the Faith (

    Don’t know much about the whole context of “the Cosmic Christ” that Richard Rohr promotes … but in the radio show (link above) he is being charged as teaching heresy … new stuff in Church history/theology. If that is correct, then it is sad, because it seems Richard Rohr (Roman Catholic) is having quite an influence in Protestant circles.


    1. I am not a specialist in Rohr, but I know that he has a lot of fierce enemies among ultra-conservative Catholics. They really hate him and attack him relentlessly. I would not count on that for getting the right picture.
      Also, I am quite worry of the obsession some people have with putting others in neat categories. I think God is much better qualified to that. In the mean time, I can learn from anybody, be them Christians or atheists.


      1. Danut, those are very good points you are making. Reminds me of a few lines I read from John Stott (one of his books “Evangelical Truth: A Personal Plea for Unity, Integrity & Faithfulness (Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective” … free pages preview on and how he does not like to be boxed in by other’s terms.

        As such, I recognize, that Rohr, as any person, is more complext than I am able to understand him.

        But, if you (or anyone else here) listens to the speaches and reviews of Rohr … on the Cosmic Christ or Evolutionary Christianity you will form your own opinion …

        In the segment, on The Cosmic Christ, Richard Rohr receives a very flatery and friendly introduction from fellow RomanCatholic priest/radio-show moderator.

        You (plural) be the judge/discerner!


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