Kostas Varnalis – Anti-If

by Kostas Varnalis

If you can fool yourself when someone else hits you,
Pretending him a wise man and never you blame him;
If you dont trust nobody and no ones trusting you,
Forgive your sin is easy, but never others sins.

If you respite the evil no single moment and
You lie louder and louder when other people lie;
If youre enjoying hitting the love with hate and though
Pretend to have a wise and even saint good side.

If you move like a worm and never fly with dreams,
And interest is always up to your highest aim;
If you leave the defeated for the winner all times,
Though both of them betraying is your standing desire.

If you can gain a thousand for every little gift
And mother land to play at cards is not a heavy act;
If you dont pay a penny as duty you have made,
As for being you paid is always right and fair.

If you can urge your thinking and heart and even nerves,
Ill old all them to make some new and evil acts;
And indecision bowing low deserves from you as serve,
When all bawl Forward! youre the only crying Back!.

If you reject the evil no single time or plot
And in its shadow feel like in a saint life tree shade;
Yours will be whole Earth and all its gifts and mines,
You’ll be the first of masters, but never MAN, be sure!

* * *

Iata si o traducere a poemului in limba romana.  Sursa, AICI.

De poti sa faci pe prostul cand altul te repede-
Facand-o pe desteptul- si c-un cuvant nu-l certi;
De nu te-ncrezi in nimeni si nimeni nu te crede;
De-ti poti ierta pacatul, dar altora nu-l ierti;

De numai o clipa un rau sa-l implinesti
Si daca minti mai tare cand altii nu spun drept;
De-ti place in iubire cu ura sa izbesti
Si totusi iti pui masca de sfant si de intelept;

De te tarasti ca viermii si-n visuri nu-ti iei zborul
Si numai interesul il sui la rang de tel;
De parasesti invinsul si treci cu invingatorul
Si-i vinzi, fara sfiala, pe amandoi la fel ;

De rabzi sa-ti afli scrisul si spusa, talmacite
Drept adevar, sa-nsele multimea oarba si
Cand vorbele si fapta in vant ti-s risipite,
Tu dandu-le la dracu, poti altele scorni;

De poti sa faci intr-una dintr-un castig, o mie
Si patria pe-o carte s-o vinzi la primul semn;
De nu-ti platesti banutul luat ca datorie,
Dar tu sa fii platitul gasesti ca-i drept si demn;

De poti sa-ti storci si gandul si inima si nervii,
Imbatranite-n rele, sa faca rele noi
Si sub nehotarare plecandu-te ca servii,
Cand toti striga: inainte! doar tu sa strigi: inapoi!;

Daca stand in multime te-mpaunezi semet,
Dar langa cel puternic ingenunchezi slugarnic
Si pe dusmani sau prieteni, tratandu-i cu dispret,
Te faci ca tii la dansii dar ii inseli amarnic;

Daca nu pierzi momentul sa faci oriunde un rau
Si-n umbra lui te-linisti ca-n umbra unui pom,
Al tau va fi Pamantul cu tot prisosul sau;
Vei fi intre Domni, Intaiul, dar niciodata OM!

(N-am reusit inca sa aflu cine este autorul acestei versiuni. Poate ma ajuta cioneva.)

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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