First the Kingdom of God – Festschrift for Dr. Peter Kuzmic

Dr. Peter Kuzmic, undoubtedly the most important Evangelical leader in Eastern Europe, reachd the age of 65.  I consider myself privileged to know him and to have him as a friend. He lived a rich and blessed life. Now it was time for those who lover and appreciate him to show their respect. Here is a short announcement on the Festschrift First the Kingdom of God that was presented to him at his 65th birthday celebration (I am glad to have contributed myself to this volume with a short text on the four creedal notes of the Church (‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic’) in the theology of Dumitru Staniloae).

* * *

Fresh off the press, published by the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Osijek:

First the Kingdom of God – A Festschirft in Honor of Prof. Dr. Peter
Kuzmič, edited by Miroslav Volf, Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V.
Măcelaru, Krešimir Šimić.
ISBN: 978-953-6110-14-8

The book is B5, hardcover with a sewn binding, 894 pages.
51 authors contributed to the writing of this book.

The book is priced at 300,00kn (or 40,00 EURO), shipping and handling
not included.

The book can be ordered through our faculty:
Evanđeoski teološki fakultet
PP 370, Cvjetkova 32.
HR-31103 Osijek, Hrvatska
or by email:

As well, the book can be ordered and purchased online through the
bookstore Nova in Osijek:

Through the bookstore the price of the book is 350,00kn. If ordering
online, the bookstore gives a 10% rebate and the price of the book is
then 315,00kn (shipping and handling excluded). Delivery time is 3-4
business days.
The exchange rate of the Euro to the kuna is 1 Euro: 7,35kn.

Best regards,
Antal Balog

* * *

Those interested can find more details and pictures from the ceremony in a blog post (in Romanian) on Emanuel Contac’s blog (see HERE).

You may also download HERE and interview  taken by the same to Dr. Kuzmic.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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