Breaking Up with God: I Didn’t Lose My Faith, I Left It | RD10Q | Religion Dispatches

Breaking Up with God: I Didn’t Lose My Faith, I Left It | RD10Q | Religion Dispatches.

I  must confess that, even if I fundamentally disagree with them, I often find much more common sense in atheists, skeptics and agnostics that in fundamentalists and ignorant believers.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “Breaking Up with God: I Didn’t Lose My Faith, I Left It | RD10Q | Religion Dispatches”

  1. Here is a sample from the article. It sums up nicely what my belief is made of these days:

    “…When I say that people usually ask me if I think God exists, and I usually give them the answer that my teacher, Gordon Kaufman, used to give me: The question of God’s existence isn’t the right question because it won’t get you very far. It’s a question human beings can’t answer. If we take God’s mystery seriously, then we can never know. I think there are better questions that we can be answering: What does a particular vision of God do to those who submit to it and to those who won’t submit to it? What difference is my version of God making? Who is it harming? In one of his books, Kaufman writes, “The central question for theology… is a practical question. How are we to live? To what should we devote ourselves? To what causes give ourselves?” He argues that theology that does not contribute significantly to struggles against inhumanity and injustice has lost sight of its point of being…”

    Thanks for a good start of the day


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