Christian Scholar: America Could Produce Antichrist of the 21st Century, Christian News, The Christian Post

Christian Scholar: America Could Produce Antichrist of the 21st Century, Christian News, The Christian Post.

I have met Vishal Mangalwadi in 1991 in Slovakia, at a conference organised by CARE in the UK. A number of other disciples of Francis Schaeffer, and Edith Schaeffer, his wife, were also present there.

I liked in general what Vishal had to say, even if I did not agree with everything (he remained much more Schaefferian in his thought that I am now), but I must confess I am disappointed in this kind of resorting to sensationalism. It seems to me that he speculates the furor eschatologicum that dominates our world and I find this distasteful.

But maybe I simply don’t understand.

What do you think?

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

11 thoughts on “Christian Scholar: America Could Produce Antichrist of the 21st Century, Christian News, The Christian Post”

  1. Given the principles of Supply and Demand which govern capitalism on the other side of the Atlantic, I guess that US could produce anything, if there is the proper demand for it. For the time being it seems to produce more silly theories about the Antichrist than Antichrists as such. 🙂


  2. My guess is that most of the events predicted in Apocalipse will pass unnoticed by most people should they literally hapen. God’s Son lived for 33 years on Earth and it took centuries for the majority of the world to realise the proportion of the fact.

    For this reason I don’t buy into any kind of sensationalism as you call it.

    As for the guy,he was sitting to close to the fire (read “american environment” with its enthusiasm for sensationalism) not to be influenced by it in borrowing a specific rethoric


  3. from a historical point of view, Vishal Mangalwadi’s mistakes are so obvious that we should not bother. another false prophet. a false prophet with a cause this time. you would think that being christian and narrow minded is a contradiction in terms. this guy demonstrates the opposite.


      1. pointed out that the antichrist of the 20th century came from PRIMA GRESEALA, DACA TOT AR FI SA SPUNEM NOI OAMENII CINE A FOST ANTICRISTUL SECOLULUI 20 ATUNCI POATE S-AR POTRIVI MAI BINE LUI LENIN SAU STALIN CE AU VRUT SA LICHIDEZE TOT CE ERA CRESTIN. DE CE AR TREBUI NEAPARAT SA VINA DE LA PROTESTANTI ANTICRISTUL? DE AR TREBUI SA FIE UN OM? Germany – the first Protestant nation A DOUA, GERMANIA NU A FOST NICIODATA O NATIOUNE PROTESTANTA. LA VREMEA “PROTESTARII” GERMANIA NU ERA O NATIUNE, ASTA S-A INTIMPLAT IN 1870. NEMTII AU FOST SI SUNT ATIT CATOLICI CIT SI PROTESTANTI, LECTIE ELEMENTARA DE ISTORIA BISERICII– in the form of the Nazi. HAI SA ZICEM A TREIA, HITLER NU A FOST ANTI-CRIST MAI ALES, A FOST ANTI-IUDEU. scenariile sunt fabulatii. bine ca n-a pretins ca dumnezeu i-a descoperit intr-o viziune cum il va chema si unde se va naste si alti nebuni s-o ia de buna. imi miroase a dreapta americana, dar pare mai periculoasa decit cartile bine documentate e pretindeau ca saddam huseim e anticristul, etc.


  4. Very interesting article. It dovetails with Francis Schaeffer’s “Christian Manifesto” book which came out in the early 1980s. Also the Rev. David Wilkerson (who just died) wrote in a similar vein: “Set the Trumpet to thy Mouth” about the judgement of God upon the U.S. in the future ( It seems to me like that future is here now.


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