April 24-30 – North Korea Freedom Week 2011

North Korea is a dark country shrouded in mystery and silence. All that we know is what we have learned from defectors…or what the government of North Korea wants us to know. So much is uncertain. There are many questions with few answers.

One thing is certain…God is not silent.

Answers to many of our questions can be found in the book of Isaiah where God tells us through His Word some of His plans and promises for His people… including His people in North Korea…and how we can intercede for them.

During North Korea Freedom Week we are calling on Christians to unite in prayer. Together we can help “Shatter the Silence” as we pray God’s Word and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in North Korea for a mighty revival to sweep across the nation.

  • Unite and Pray as One Voice – Register to receive 7-day E-Prayer Guide during North Korea Freedom Week based on God’s promises in Isaiah 59-66. Register now!
  • Let Your Voice be Heard – In partnership with North Korea Free Radio you can send a message that will be read over the radio in North Korea! Send a radio message now!
  • Use Your Voice – Tell others about the dire situation in North Korea and ask them to pray!

To find out more about North Korea visit the 2011 World Watch List pages. There you will find statistics about North Korea and more.

An initiative of Open Doors.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

6 thoughts on “April 24-30 – North Korea Freedom Week 2011”

  1. desigur, Alex, dar acesta nu este un motiv sa demonizam libertatea si sa idolatrizam persecutia, cum fac unii astazi
    asta suna mai degraba a masochism


  2. intr-un fel daca ma uit cum am ajuns noi dupa comunism parca nu m-as grabi sa ma rog sa-i scape de asa ceva. stiind cit de nasol e parca totusi ar fi mai bine sa scape. vorba lui pavel, sunt prins din doua parti…


  3. Daca inpartasirea acestor informatii va aduna citeva rugaciuni in plus pentru Corea de nord, s-a meritat. Dumnezeu sa aiba mila de noi si de ei.


  4. Sa se indure Domnul si de poporul asta. Tare mai sunt apasati de tiranie. Mai ales in urmatoarele citeva luni foamea ii va urmari cumplit. Multumim pentru resurse.


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