Mae Cannon in Tahrir Square

I met Mae Cannon last year at a conference in Bethlehem and we have stayed in touch more or less since then. We arypte sharing a similar passion for the Church in the Middle East.

Mae is now visiting Egypt and has published today on her blog a moving report on her visit to Tahrir Square. Here is a fragment:

When we first arrived in Tahrir Square early this evening, I felt this overwhelming sense of the significance of the place. I was moved to tears. There is much work to be done concerning Egypt’s future; but goodness, what has been accomplished! People are coming alongside of one another, helping, supporting, and working together. Weekly there are community efforts to pick up garbage off the streets and participate in other such beneficial activities. When traffic gets bad, someone from the neighborhood comes out into the middle of the street to direct it. People greet one another and are openly nice to one another! There are lots of smiles, laughter, and an energy in the air… even still almost two months since Mubarak’s resignation.

Read the rest of it HERE.

* * *

I paste here the little comment I have left on Mae’s blog.

Thanks, Mae, for this moving report. I made me relive my feelings after the changes in my country, Romania, after 1989. What people really need to watch out for is unrealistic hopes of sudden change and the subsequent unavoidable disappointment. That is really painful and in eastern Europe we have not fully recovered from it, yet.
Anyway, I am in process of editing my text on post-communism, to make it suitable for Arab post-authoritarian contexts. The similarities between these contexts are striking.
Enjoy your time there and say a prayer for me on behalf of Egypt when you are back in Tahrir Square.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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