SPIEGEL TV’s ‘Kill Team’ Documentary

For months, the US Army kept the images compiled by the so-called “kill team” under lock and key out of fear it could result in a scandal even greater than Abu Ghraib. SPIEGEL TV spent weeks researching the story behind the men of 5th Stryker Brigade and how things could go so terribly wrong. Warning: The documentary contains extremely graphic content.

You may watch HERE the whole documentary.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “SPIEGEL TV’s ‘Kill Team’ Documentary”

  1. Lost for words…

    How can a government uncapable to govern its own country rely on kids to implement “civilisation” and “democratic values” in an alien one?

    These children have fallen in the trap of their trust in the sense of responsability of their superiors, although some of them seem to be simply out of their minds and shouldn’t have been enrolled in the army in the first place.

    The big question is again, as the mother of one of them put it, were are the higher rank officers responsible for the actions of the privates and sergeants involved in the crimes? There has to be rules of accountability which don’t seem to be taken into account yet. They probably are doing a full investigation behind closed doors but I don’t think that the real, complete story will ever come to the surface.

    So much for spreading the Gospel of Democracy!


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