Urgent Call to Prayer for Lebanon

Things were boiling already for a while. Hezbollah announced some time ago that, if the UN report on the assassinaton of Hariri, former Lebanese prime minister, indicts them and Syria (which everybody in Lebanon knows are the real authors), there will be war again in this country. It seems that, with every day passing, we are drawing near to a tragic situation. The resignation today of ten ministers in the coalition Lebanese government may signal the beginning of the end.

It is time to start praying for this country, if you are doing it already. Here is the call to prayer that I have just received from Beirut. Please join, if you care. May God have mercy!

* * *

Dear friends,

Once again, Lebanon is at a crossroads!  Yesterday, and amidst rising political tensions, eleven Lebanese ministers resigned and as a result our country’s national unity government collapsed!   Where do we go from here?!

Please pray for the Lord’s intervention that the current political tensions may be treated appropriately without further escalations.

For wisdom for the Lebanese President General Michel Suleiman, and for Lebanese leaders that they may genuinely work towards the well-being of Lebanon and the Lebanes

Pray for our young generation! How can we convince them that their future is in Lebanon when our country seems to be caught in a vicious cycle that keeps taking us back to the same place that we so desperately  want to leave behind.

The Lord calls on us to pray without ceasing! And we call upon you to join us and pray for peace – His peace – in Lebanon.  Pray as well for the troubled situations in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.  We pray and may His will be done.

For more information on the political tensions in Lebanon, here are a couple of English-speaking websites:

We’re counting on your prayer support.  Thank you.

Grace and peace,

Nabil Costa
Executive Director
Lebanese Baptist Society

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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