Working for ‘the good of all’ vs. ‘those of the family of faith’

Martin Marty discusses in his last Sightings, titled ‘Martyrdom and Acquiescence’, about the way in which Western media (especially in the United States) reflects the persecution of Christians and the way in which this is an occasion for some ‘hawks’  (the Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steve Huntley, in particular – see HERE) to articulate their Islamophobic agenda.

Marty rightly aske:

Should America undertake armed intervention in the “top 10 countries that are most dangerous for Christians to practice their religion in?” (Eight of these are Muslim, according to some assessments). First, America is deeply involved already. Second, should Americans find more ways to protect endangered Christians in Muslim societies? Yes. Exactly how that is to be done is hard to say. Will whatever “we” do be better received if we play up instead of merely play or certainly downplay the crimes? The history of hysteria in wartime suggests that the loss of perspective is costly, and it often issues in atrocity or blunderbuss actions. We obviously need accurate reporting and mature interpretation, and the media at their best can promote both.

I find this a very insightful question. Don’t you?

If interested, you may read the whole article HERE.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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