6 Tips for Perfect Coffee – Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Cooffee

If you are a cooffee addict, like me, the quality of coffee is a must. Yet, making a good cup of coffee is as rare as finding good coffee beans.

Since ‘life is too short to drink bad coffee’, here are some tips, from Intelligentia Coffee & Tea , for making a perfect cup of coffee.

1. Use the best beans

2. Grind it yourself

3. Pre-wet your filter

4. Timing is everything

5. Let it cool and leave it alone

6. Moderation is essential

Read HERE the whole article and also watch an informative short video clip.





Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Perfect Coffee – Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Cooffee”

  1. Danut,
    La multi ani!

    “vorbele” astea m-au gasit chair in momentul in care imi cautam o noua rasnita de cafea. Oi avea eu Strabucks-ul al coltul strazii si Tim Hortons-ul peste drum, dar gustul cafelei la ibric facute acasa, nu se poate inlocui usor.

    apropos, stii cum se face cafeaua in vremuri de criza?

    se ia un bob de cafea.
    se lega cu atza.
    se pune apa la fiert.
    se inmoaie bobul de cafea de 5-6 ori in apa.
    din trei in trei zile se schimba atza.


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