Nelu Balaj – A New Romanian Minister in the Church of Scotland

Rev. Nelu Balaj is the second ever ethnic Romanian who was ordained on Thursday 25 November as a minister in the St. Vigeans parish of the Church of Scotland, in Arbroath ( HERE is the announcement if the local press). He is a good friend of my son, Daniel, who was ordained recently as a minister for the Bishopton parish of the Church of Scotland.

Here is a short personal presentation of the new minister, as it can be found on his blog:

My name is Nelu Balaj and I am a Christian. I live in Scotland and I belong to the Church of Scotland (where I am a minister of Knox’s linked with St Vigeans churches in Arbroath). Until May 2009 I worked for the Action of Churches Together in Scotland, and for those who are looking for a faith ‘testimonial’: I see myself as an ecumenist and a ‘progressive’ (now I won’t elaborate this term).  Previously I have been a very active member (for over 20 years, or since 1983) of the Romanian Baptist Church. Among other qualifications I hold a Doctor of Theology degree in Missiology from the University of Birmingham. A few more details about my professional and academic profile can be found on ACTS website, my previous employer.

I spent a few years in Malawi, working for Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian.

We are proud of him and we wish him the blessing of God in his new ministry.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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