Building Bridges – A New Book of the Orthodox-Evangelical Dialogue

A number of Romanian theologians were involved during the last decade in an Orthodox-Evangelical dialogue hosted by the Ecumenical Institute in Bossy, Switzerland, led by Fr. Ioan Sauca.

Among these were the Orthodox Vasile Mihoc and Stelian Tofana and the Evangelicals Emil Bartos and Otniel Bunaciu, among others.

A new book, whose cover you see above, brings together the main papers presented during this series of theological encounters.  Here is a short presentation:

In recent decades Evangelicals and Orthodox have encountered each other more widely than ever before. Relationships have often been difficult and dogged by misunderstanding. How can two traditions which seem so different begin to understand each other and find common ground? Is it possible for them to move from competition to co-operation and develop relationships marked by mutual respect? What are the key theological issues between them which need to be faced? And what might these two traditions be able to offer together to the whole Church?

Building Bridges between the Orthodox and Evangelical Traditions presents papers, reports and reflections from a series of seminars bringing together representatives of these streams of Christianity. Held at Bossey, Switzerland, between 2000 and 2006, these built on earlier consultations and brought together theologians and church leaders from a wide range of Evangelical and Orthodox churches. Topics explored included the nature of salvation, the role and place of Scripture, the nature and purpose of the Church and what it means to be human. Participants testify in this volume to the impact on them of these gatherings, and it is offered as a stimulus to further dialogue between two traditions of considerable theological and numerical significance.

You may find below the official book announcement.



Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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