Upcoming: Annual CEEAMS conference in Budapest, Hungary

Dear Colleagues,

A number of you are preparing to attend the next CEEAMS annual conference. Some cannot attend due to other commitments. May I ask all of you to reflect on the future of CEEAMS, and what direction to take? For your information I have attached the minutes of the meeting in Balatonfüred.

  • What possibilities and hindrances do you see in your region to strengthen the CEEAMS network and membership?
  • How could our journal ACTA MISSIOLOGIAE play a role?  Could you think of people in your network who could contribute an article to ACTA?
  • How could we strengthen partnerships in cooperative research? What missiological research is taking place in your institution, your country, your region? Please prepare to report to our conference in Budapest!
  • What other ways do you see how we can strengthen the aims of our association?
  • What is the status of DABOH in our region?
  • In what practical way do you think you could contribute to our CEEAMS network

For your information I have also attached a report from the second conference of the International Orthodox Mission Network held last week in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

I also would like to inform you that at our conference we would like to offer your libraries duplicates of second hand missiological books we have received the last few years for small prices, or in exchange for missiological literature from your country.


Final question: may I ask you to look around in your network, who might be interested in attending our CEEAMS conference next month! Please forward the invitation to that person. We can cover the costs of accommodation and subsistance, and in limited cases could contribute towards travelling costs, due to a small grant we receive from Kerk in Actie in the Netherlands.

Preceding the CEEAMS conference (nov. 22-24 november) we organise a conference by invitation only for a small number of women in mission in theological education in our region. They are invited to stay on for the CEEAMS conference.

Thank you very much for your suggestions and proposals to our general assembly!

Looking forward to fruitful and stimulating discussions!

Grace and peace,

Anne-Marie Kool


(Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies)

invites you for its


24 -26 November 2010

Budapest, Kálvin tér 7.II

Program          See attachment. The conference starts on Wednesday 24th November at 15 o’clock and ends at Friday evening 26th November 20 o’clock.

Language        English

Organised by   – CEEAMS (Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies

– CIMS: Central and Eastern European Institute for Mission Studies of Károli Reformed University

Place                CIMS (Kálvin tér 7.II, 1091 Budapest, Hungary)

Registration      Registration by email at the latest by 8th November, 2010 to: CIMS, Mónika Józsa, Kálvin tér 7.II, 1091 Budapest, tel. +361216 20 54 cims@kre.hu.


Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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