David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor

Dave DeWitt is one of the most interesting old friends I have.

I disagree with him theologically on most things (he is a hard line dispensationalist, trained at Dallas Theological Seminary). Yet, he is one of the most creative Bible teachers I have met. I have always learned from him, even when we disagreed.

I have just received from him a  two pager he wrote recently around the Glenn Beck hysteria that has taken over these days conservative Christians in the United States, for whom Beck is almost a contemporary prophet. Who cares that Beck’s God is not the Christian Triune God? The (neoconservative) end justify the (Mormon) means.

To my surprise I agree with most of what DeWitt has written on this topic. Here is his paper on Beck and Mormonism. Enjoy!

What About Glenn Beck

If you want to read more of his staff, you find HERE.

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

2 thoughts on “David DeWitt on Blen Beck, Mitt Romney and the Mormon Factor”

  1. Imbatrineste, ca unii dintre noi, dar mai vine inca in Romania. Intreaba-l pe George Verzea. Se intilneste in continuare cu echipa lui.
    Daca esti prin Grand Rapids, fa-i o vizita. S-ar bucura. daca n-o fi cine stie unde in lume.


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