Decalogue travels to Los Angeles

Over the next few days, the sculpture by Liviu Mocan, which has been standing in front of the Reformed church in Plan-les-Ouates since September last year, will be dismantled and loaded into a countainer bound for Los Angeles via Rotterdam.
A group of Christians in LA suburb Belflower have obtained permission for the monumental sculpture to be exhibited in the centre of the town during July and August 2010 (see HERE).  The circle of ten pillars, originally commissioned for the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth in Geneva in 2009, will then be exhibited at the international art competition “ArtPrize” in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in September.
Thousands of visitors have seen the sculpture over the months that it has been in Geneva, especially in July 2009 when it stood in the Parc des Bastions.  The organisers expect that it will make a big impact in the US also, where it will bring a fresh perspective to the lively public debate on the Ten Commandments.
We pray that the four-fold invitation which the sculpture ascribes to the decalogue – an invitation to relationship, reflection, freedom and hope – will inspire and challenge visitors in the US, and that many will encounter God’s presence and purpose through it.
The sculpture website will be kept up to date with these moves.
With many thanks for your interest and support over the last year,
Jonathan Tame

Author: DanutM

Anglican theologian. Former Director for Faith and Development Middle East and Eastern Europe Region of World Vision International

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